Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tyler Florence Book Signing

This video post is long overdue!  Almost two months ago I had a fantastic weekend of food and fun at the New York City Food and Wine Festival, sponsored by ShopRite.  It was so exciting that it actually overshadowed our October trip to Walt Disney World (we returned from Florida one day before heading up to NYC for the festival). 

One of the many highlights of my weekend in New York was meeting Tyler Florence at a ShopRite-sponsored book signing.  After spending an stimulating afternoon at the Food and Wine Festival our entire blogger panel and our guests headed over to Abe and Arthur's for a Tyler Florence Book signing, cocktail hour, and group dinner.  I'm so grateful to ShopRite for providing this opportunity and I'm so happy that my husband was able to share this special weekend with me.

I promised video of the Food and Wine Festival, and rest assured I have a lot more to share.  For now, please enjoy this short clip of our adventures with Tyler Florence, co-starring my new friend and fellow ShopRite blogger, Emily from Cleanliness is Next To Godliness.  We really bonded on this unseasonably warm Friday afternoon in New York.

Back story:  Our schedule for the day included an afternoon at the festival followed by a book signing and dinner at Abe and Arthur's.  Emily and I just couldn't pull ourselves away from the festival, so we waited until the last minute to head to the book signing.  We decided to spin by the hotel to pick up our husbands, but realized that it was too far to walk, so we tried to get a cab.  It was rush hour and we learned quickly that a cab ride was impossible.  We forgot about the existence of the subway (what can I say, I'm a suburbanite) and we spent an hour walking back to our hotel to pick up our better halves.  You can imagine how sweaty, frustrated and late we were, hence my windblown look...


  1. Fun video :) I want to do another event like that! This time I pick Alton Brown :)

  2. That is an adventure! Your husband's silly grin made me laugh. he's funny :-)


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