Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is my mom's Christmas tree.  We spent Christmas Eve at her home.
Friends, I just want to share that I had a wonderful Christmas!  E and I didn't get caught up in the frenzy of buying too many gifts or baking too many cookies and we just enjoyed a relaxing day with family.  We're fortunate to have the entire week off work, so we'll be visiting family and friends during our days off. 

We kept decorations (and stress) minimal this year, but I've been cooking and I have plenty of recipes to share this week.  At the moment we're in the middle of a snowstorm (I love snow, especially when we have nowhere to go) and I've been having a great cooking day.  For now, please enjoy these highlights from Christmas Day.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

My mom, brother, and mom's dog came over for Christmas brunch.

I bought E a new coat.  Doesn't he look handsome?

We took a quick trip to NJ to spend the afternoon with our extended family.
We ended the day sweatin' it out playing the MJ Experience.  We love this game!
Stay tuned for new recipes and other goodies this week!  For now, I'm enjoying this snowstorm.  There's nothing like a bad weather forecast and a week off work.  Perfect sleeping weather!


  1. you have such a beautiful christmas - hope you're enjoying the holiday season

  2. Beautiful, beautiful people!!! Love these photos. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. You two are too darling! Looks like you had the absolutely best kind of Christmas, full of love and togetherness.
    Do you do any gluten free baking? Your stuff looks amazing. I'm struggling to get off gluten.
    Thanks for sharing....your dogs are super cute too.

  4. J, I haven't been labeling any posts specifically as gluten-free, but I'll research the topic and start mentioning whether recipes are gluten-free (or vegetarian, etc.). I know people have many different health concerns or may be cooking for people who have dietary restrictions.


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