Friday, December 3, 2010

NYC Food & Wine Festival Video

I'm on a roll this week!  Here's another video from the NYC Food and Wine Festival back in October.  This is my favorite because it really captures the essence of the event - good food, good drink, and good people.  Enjoy!


  1. Note to Self: DO NOT WATCH WHEN HUNGRY lol. I was drooling 1. b/c the event looked so fab and 2. bc the food looked so yummy!

    PS- over Thanksgiving Holiday I ran out of canola oil in the middle of my pumpkin bread making, so I substituted in my Olive Oil & it tasted just as yummy....

  2. Thanks for sharing.Jealous that you made it to the NYC Food and Wine Festival...I didn't actually make it. Guess I'll just settle for lounge & bars in manhattan...But the bars in manhattan are I guess i'm not really settling. I'll be there next year.


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