Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Photo Shoot

I'm enjoying reading all the blogs with holiday features this week.  So many people are sharing decadent recipes, sparkly decorations, and cute stories of family traditions.  Meanwhile, at my house, we've decided to work all the way until Christmas Eve, minimize decorations since we're not hosting company, and rely too much on pizza and meals at my mom's house.  As much as I love to cook, I'm averaging one to two meals per week.  We're that busy.

We did accomplish one Christmas goal this year:  we made Christmas cards.  We love getting cards from friends and family, but I'm embarrassed to admit that 2010 is the first year we've actually sent cards.  I know, I know, I know.  Hopefully all the cards will reach their destination before Christmas!

I was very excited to use my new camera, so E helped me hook it up to his old tripod and we rearranged our living room for the photo shoot.  It would have been nice to take the photo with a Christmas-y background, but our tree is in our basement and the lighting isn't ideal in that part of the house.  So the living room ended up being the site for a photo shoot full of laughter, dog hair, and a 45 shots of bloopers.

I knew getting photos with dogs would be difficult, but I didn't expect this...

It's difficult to get dogs to focus on the camera instead of each other.
Sometimes it's difficult to get humans to focus on the camera.
Sometimes the camera scares your dog, the dog has an accident on your lap, and chaos ensues.
Sometimes you've almost got a perfect photo, but a distraction pops up.                  
Our Christmas Card

After nearly 50 takes, we finally got it right.  In spite of the fact that we were tired (it was almost 9:00 on a weeknight), I love the final photo and I hope we make this a tradition.  I can't believe we waited all these years to make custom Christmas cards!

Do you get make photo cards or do you purchase regular greeting cards?  Do you even send holiday cards?  Is anyone else having a hard time believing that Christmas is less than a week away?


  1. What a lovely picture. I can't believe Christmas is coming up so quickly myself.

  2. LOL! I can't believe it took 50 takes and the doggy had an accident on E's lap! Love the picture! I'm going to procrastinate until next year to do Christmas cards :-)

  3. haha Milo looks sooo focused on you and Zelda! The pic turned out great!

    I love making our own holiday cards, last year we dressed the dogs up for our card... and it was literally a WHOLE day getting the right 2 photos... ugh!... this year we did things a bit different, but still def homemade- I will post about it later this week ;)

  4. You guys are adorable- it's a lot of work to get the perfect shot!


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