Thursday, March 15, 2012


My husband I celebrated our 7th anniversary on March 6th.  Last year we did a fun wine tasting voyage to New York's Finger Lakes region.  For our 5th anniversary we returned to the spot where we were married.   This year we kept it closer to home and a bit more low key... I've been sleeping 10+ hours a night and it takes all of my energy just to work all week.

We decided to celebrate at the highly recommended Chesapeake Inn.  It's only a half hour from our home, but it felt like we were much further away.  The restaurant is owned by the same family who owns La Casa Pasta, my favorite Italian restaurant in Delaware and the site of our rehearsal dinner back in 2005.

Chesapeake Inn is located right on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal in quaint Chesapeake City, Maryland.

There are water views from nearly every table.  The menu as some of the the Italian/Mediterranean influence of La Casa Pasta, but has more of a surf and turf spin.  We enjoyed our meal.

Calamari - I think I always order this on our anniversary!

Filet mignon

Wolf Fish - fajita spiced and pan seared with a citrus-agave beurre blanc, topped with a scallion-roasted red pepper confetti

It was a nice (early) evening.  We had an early reservation, so we dined before 5:00.  That worked out well for me because I go to bed at 7:00 on weekends these days.

We enjoyed our meal and the atmosphere, but I must say that I prefer the menu at La Casa Pasta.  However, La Casa Pasta doesn't have the beautiful water views.

We had banana cream pie for dessert.  It had a buttery shortbread crust and was filled with fresh pastry cream.  The whipped cream topping was fresh.  Believe it or not, it was my first time trying this dessert.  I liked it all... except the white chocolate shavings.  I'm not a fan of white chocolate.

Oh, and look who decided to show up...

The baby bump!  At 18 weeks I'm finally leaning more toward looking pregnant than looking like I have a healthy beer belly.  I still get the stink eye when I'm out shopping (I think people think I let myself go) and I'm looking forward to looking more pregnant soon.  I'm also looking forward to feeling our baby kick!


  1. Cute bump! That fish plate looks and sounds flavorful.

    Did you enjoy the Chesapeake Inn? We've been looking for a low-key, close to home place to do a babymoon. We have friends that did great, glamorous Caribbean trips but I just don't even have the energy to get excited about flying anywhere.

  2. I liked the Chesapeake Inn for dinner, but we didn't stay overnight. We just drove into town for the evening and then headed home. I do hear great things about Chesapeake City and I think it would be a nice spot for a babymoon. I also think that Lancaster County, PA, the Delaware Beaches and Ocean City, MD also make great mid-Atlantic local spots for a getaway.

  3. You definitely look pregnant. And you look gorgeous!

    As for babymoons, if you are looking for lowkey, I'd recommend St Michaels, MD. We go to OC every summer for a week, and if you stay on the boardwalk, you can walk everywhere. But it's not exactly what I would call lowkey.

  4. Keeley you look GREAT!!! Don't let anyone think you let yourself go, enjoy it because once baby P gets here you are going to miss that belly.
    We went on a cruise for our babymoon when I was 23 weeks but I don't recommend it if you are having morning sickness, Do something that you've always wanted to do kids free because life surely changes. And make sure whatever it is, you relax. And if you can get a prenatal massage, I highly recommend one. :)

  5. Awww! I can't wait to see you again! I sooo want to do our cooking date, but I'm so busy prepping for this next competition, I won't have time till after April. but if you're still up for it then I will make the drive :)

  6. That baby bump did spring up overnight! You look radiant! The #7 is proving is living up to its lucky reputation once again :)

  7. Congrats on the anniversary!! Glad to hear that you guys had a nice time. What a cute baby bump! =)

  8. Happy Anniversary! And your bump popped out! I told you! (We all hate that first trimester look.) You look so cute! You should feel the first kick soon... well it feels more like a flutter. Then your hubby will feel it. And then you will will wish he/she would calm it down a bit in there.

  9. Hello baby bump! I totally miss mine :-)

    I forgot we have the same anniversary. We celebrated 7 years on March 6th too! Happy Anniversary to you guys.


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