Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Magic!

I promised more details about our recent trip to Disney World, so here we go!  (I'm not even caught up on my sleep because we had a very exciting weekend after we returned to the north, but that's another blog post for later this week!  Stay tuned!)

Since this was a work trip, we only had two free days for fun.  We were so anxious to make the most of it that we went straight from our hotel to Epcot without even looking at our room!  We had no time to waste!

As I mentioned before, Walt Disney World holds a special place in our hearts because we honeymooned there back in 2005.  At the time, we chose to have our names added to a memory wall at Epcot, but we knew that we wouldn't be able to see our names posted until a future visit.  We always wondered if they ever put our names on that tiny plaque and if so, would our names still be there when we returned?

We searched and searched (with the directions of a very friendly Disney cast member)...

Our names were on the wall!  We were so happy! 

The next important item of business was to go see Captain EO.  For those who didn't visit Epcot during the mid-to-late '80s, it's a 3-D Michael Jackson movie.  Yes, there was a Michael Jackson movie at Disney World.  George Lucas directed the film, so it's like a cheesy combination of Star Wars and Thriller with Muppet-like aliens.  Yes, it's old and outdated, but it's Michael and I love me some MJ!  I believe it's posted on YouTube, go check it out!

The movie was removed from the park in 2004, but it returned as a tribute in July 2010.  Stepping into that theatre took me back to the good old days.  These young'uns today just don't know about Michael Jackson at his peak!

Stylin' in our 3-D glasses!

Yes, we saw the movie more than once.  And, yes, we purchased a poster and t-shirts!
We also visited the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM Studios for you old Disney folk, like me) and Animal Kingdom.  We checked out the new attractions that opened since our last visit, including Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom (a fun and not-too-scary roller coaster) and Soarin' at Epcot (a virtual hang glide ride over California).  Epcot remains my favorite theme park ever. 
We spent hours chasing characters for pictures and posing with princesses (okay, I'm the one who loves the Disney princesses).

Genie promised to fly his magic carpet to Delaware for a visit.

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen 
Needless to say, we were very tired after visiting four theme parks, attending a conference for three days, and walking around nonstop in the heat while going way off our diets.  It was quite a trip!  Disney is so much fun, but after visiting you feel like you need a real vacation!

Of course, we didn't get much rest because as soon as we returned home we were on the road again.  Dare I say that our adventure this past weekend was just as much fun, if not more exciting than Disney.  Stay tuned!


  1. Looks like your two had a sensational time! I haven't been to Disney World in a few years. I think I'm due for another trip! :-)

  2. Wow what a great trip you two had! I'm so jealous...I need a vacation :)

  3. Are those pictures on that wall? It's so neat!

  4. Keeley! You were here in FL? AH! Why didn't you say? I'm just down the road. You were lucky we're having fabulous weather. Normally it's still quite warm here.


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