Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Magical Adventure!

E and I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.  I was in Florida for a conference and we chose to arrive early so we could enjoy the parks together.  Disney is extra special to us because we honeymooned there in 2005.

The weather was great and as an added bonus, Epcot was hosting it's 15th annual Food and Wine Festival!

Epcot has been my favorite Disney park since I first visited it back in 1985.  I love Figment, Captain EO, The World Showcase... it's just a great place.  It's both educational and fun.  The park opened in 1982 and it still retains some of it's 80's-ness, which makes it ultra cool.  If you didn't know, I'm a nerd, so I was in heaven.  Between the science and technology, the history, and the food and wine thing, I spent most of my free time at this park.

Each country in The World Showcase always has food, drinks, and exhibits, but for the Food and Wine Festival additional countries were added and we spent more than one day tasting food from Mexico, China, Brazil, Poland, England, Germany, and a bunch of other places.  Plus, Kool and the Gang performed at Epcot during our stay.  I was in food, wine, and old-school 80's heaven.

E's favorite part was the beer...

E in "Germany".  Check out the shirt.
Please note:   his shirt was such a HUGE hit at Epcot.  No, we didn't buy it there, it actually came from a brewery in upstate New York.  Nevertheless, everyone loved his shirt and we got stopped at least 20 times.
We ate tons of junk, including this huge, smoked turkey leg (it's a Disney tradition)...

It was hot, if you couldn't tell from my skin glistening to match that turkey leg!

Overall, it was such a great weekend.  We only had limited free time to explore the parks, but I felt like we were kids again, even for just a few days.  If you are considering going to Disney World, I'd suggest going in October for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.  We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of the food and drinks.  It was a very grown-up event in a location that's normally considered a kids and family vacation spot.

I'll follow up with another post about the rest of our Disney adventures.  Has anyone been to any of the other Disney resorts (California?  Paris?).  Any other Disney fans out there?

Want to hear more about our trip?  Read more!


  1. I totally love Epcot too, it's the best park in Disney! The turkey legs always crack me up, because there is no way to look civilized and eat a massive turkey leg. and i'm way jealous that you got to experience the food and wine festival. no wonder you gained on this trip, I would've too, and it would've been absolutely worth it

  2. Joey and I visited Disney Land a few years ago... it may be the first Disney Park, but Walt totally perfected heaven with Disney World!! I wouldn't go back to Disney Land- it felt more like a Six Flags to me..... whomp whomp!!

    Looks like you had a blast!! Makes me want to get to Disney ASAP :)

  3. That shirt is hilarious! You two are so cute.


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