Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shenandoah Valley

I'm in summer vacation mode.  Even though I am taking my last summer class (hopefully ever), my job is demanding, and I have a ton of home improvements on the to-do list, we spent the entire first week of June in a lovely condo in the Massanutten Resort in Virginia.

We had a fun filled week of swimming my husband continuing my private swim lessons, wine tasting, walking, watching as much of our Netflix que as possible, barbecuing, sleeping, watching daytime television, and cuddling.  It was so fantastically relaxing that we almost got bored.  Almost.

Don't we look happy and relaxed?  That's what a week away from I-95 and the New Jersey Turnpike will do for you. 

We tasted wine at a few overpriced vineyards.  The wine was just okay, but some of the food on the tasting menus was tasty.  We especially liked this cheese and fruit platter that cost us about $15.  It was better than the wine.  I'm sure I could make it at home for, um, like $4.  (Note to self.)

Please note that my husband is checking his BlackBerry... on vacation!  I sure hope that wasn't a work email!

We brought our Wii with us and I spent some time getting re-acquainted with Wii Fit Plus.  Yes, my Nintendo yelled at me.  We even walked around the resort.  My husband ran.  I just panted and huffed and puffed and tried to keep up with him.  I don't do well running on hills.  Okay, I'm lying, I don't do well running at all. 

We even attempted to do a hike.  Well, we planned to hike a 3 mile trail, but as soon as we reached the top of the mountain the sky opened up and a thunderstorm arrived.  We were forced to go back to the condo and spend the remainder of the day eating smoked grilled sausage and watching Mad Men on DVD.  Life is hard.

Massanutten was cool, even though we didn't take advantage of all the activities.  It's a pleasant drive (about 5 hours) from our home and we enjoyed spending time in the mountains, since we live in a flat coastal area.  We were looking for a vacation where we could cut off from the outside world (without losing our cell phone signals and internet access) and we were able to do that on this trip.  I was shocked to find out that in spite of the fact that we seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, there was still a Chipotle in town (about 10 miles from the resort).  Will someone tell me again why my town... actually, my state, still doesn't have a Chipotle?  (Actually the first location in the state is under construction, but I still live closer to the PA location.)

What's your vacation preference?  Has the economy had any impact on your plans?  (I know it's affected ours!) 


  1. You and Chipotle! You're so funny. ha ha!

    Has the economy affected our vacation plans? uh yeah, we ain't got no money to go no wheres. tee hee :-)

    This looks like a great place to vacation- so relaxing. And that cold plate- yuM!

  2. LOL,that's funny about you and Chipotle's. Annie over at Annies Eats has a chipotle lime rice recipe that is like theirs. I love that rice!

    I wanna go on vaction and one that doesn't involve the twins playing baseball! Yours sounded amazing......RELAXING!!!

  3. I love Shenandoah Valley......esp Massanutten Resort. My family and my boyfriends family own up their........never been during the summer though.

    Hmm....has the economy affected our vacation plans? Umm I would have to say no. Since my boyfriend works for the navy...he's in San Diego for the summer. Which means I am too. We got a chance to visit Vegas, and before we came to the west coast went to Boston. So nope.

    I love reading your blog. First time commenting.

  4. Thanks for reading, LaTonya! I just returned from a weekend trip to Boston and I'll be blogging about that adventure soon.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh your welcome! I went to Boston the first week of June...hopefully you enjoyed it. Cant wait to read


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