Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wine and Dine

Last Tuesday night was a very, very good evening.  In spite of the fact that it was a weeknight, my husband, my mom, and I splurged for tickets to a wine tasting complete with a five course meal sponsored by our favorite wine shop, Premier Wine & Spirits, and held at our favorite tavern, James Street Tavern.  Good times were had by all!  If you live in Delaware, I strongly suggest you check out both spots for good people, good food, and good drinks.  If you don't live nearby, no worries!  I'm about to take you on a little culinary review...

Over the course of four hours we enjoyed eight wines paired with 5 courses.  All wines were by Joel Gott.  Each course was introduced by the chef and each wine was introduced by a representative from the wine company.  That's right, we were eating rich food and sipping on vino on a weeknight.  We know how to party!  Even mom came along for the fun...

As much as I enjoy wine, I'm a foodie at heart, so here's the rundown of the tasting menu:

1.  Pan Seared Scallops w/Arugula and Lemon Caper Vinigrette
2.  Lobster Tail w/Asparagus and Roasted Corn (my favorite course)
3.  Blue Cheese Grits with Duck Breast and Cherry Sauce
4.  Bison Sloppy Joe
5.  Flank Steak w/Chimichurri and Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

I don't like beef, I don't care for duck, and I normally run from blue cheese, but I ate everything on this menu.  It was that good.  Of course, I preferred the seafood, but the food was all great and I was impressed that it came from a cook at a tavern (you know, as in a bar).

All of the wines were good.  My favorites were the Sauvignon Blanc and the Malbec.  Or maybe it was the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot... I don't know.  It was all good and each wine paired well with the food.

If you're in this area and looking for a good wine shop, I highly recommend Premier.  While it doesn't have the largest selection in the area, they have very friendly and knowledgeable staff and an extensive tasting bar.  Unlike some other stores, you get to sample a wide variety of wines nearly every day of the week in real glassware.  No plastic shot glasses here.  I only taste a little, but I take notes for future purchases.  I also appreciate that they occasionally do beer and mixed drink tastings.  I can buy with confidence because I've had the opportunity to sample the goods.

As for James Street Tavern, I like it because the food is good, the drinks are very affordable ($2 margaritas, anyone?), and it's not in our normal hangout neighborhood, so we get to see a different crowd.  I don't normally expect bar food to be great, but they have a decent chef and a pretty creative menu. 

This entire experience has inspired me to consider hosting a little wine tasting of my own at home.  Who knows?


  1. "I don't like beef, I don't care for duck, and I normally run from blue cheese"

    ha ha! I was drooling over the blue cheese grits and duck breast along with the steak with chimichurri.

    You and your mom are too cute!

  2. this looks soo good! I'm looking at those grits right now, and my stomach is rumbling. and you can never go wrong with Malbec. mmmmm

  3. I was just talking to my coworkers today about how much I like Premier Wine & Spirits! The new one on Rt 7 is on my way home, and I have been there twice this weekend already! (need I mention that I am the only drinker in my house- maybe that means I need to slow down!!)

    I love that they have FREE tastings ALL THE TIME- it's awesome :)


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