Monday, December 7, 2009

Cooking Light

I love magazines, especially food magazines.  I have a piles of magazine articles, newspaper clippings, and handwritten recipes in my home office just waiting to be scanned.  (Yet another item on my to-do list.)  I find food magazines to be a great value because it's like getting a mini cookbook every month.  Cooking Light is especially convenient because they publish a hardback book that contains every single recipe from their magazine each year, so I can recycle or share my old magazines without worrying about clipping my favorite recipes.

I enjoy making healthier versions of traditional foods, but I also expect full flavor and I do not like artificial ingredients.  I do not eat margarine or artificial sweeteners.  I'd rather drink water than diet soft drinks and I'd rather have a small quantity of real butter than settle for an oily spread.  I was skeptical when I first picked up an issue of Cooking Light because I assumed it was a diet magazine.  I was completely wrong.  Cooking Light uses real ingredients (even bacon!) to make healthy dishes.  I've made recipes from Cooking Light and no one has even realized that they are light versions. 

If you are trying to cut calories and you love to enjoy good food, I suggest a subscription to Cooking Light.  This magazine has helped me make healthy substitutions for our meals without resorting to bland processed diet foods. 

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