Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ShopRite Cans for Fans!

I have the honor of being a contributor for Potluck, the food blog for ShopRite stores.  For those of you who live in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic, you've probably shopped at ShopRite and you're familiar with their semi-annual Can Can Sale.  Around these parts the commercials with the dancing "Can Can" girls are iconic and I grew up dancing whenever the commercials aired.  As an adult I realized that the sale was also a great opportunity to stock up on canned goods, so now I look forward to the big Can Can Sale in January.  This year's sale starts tomorrow!

This year, ShopRite is donating one canned good for every "like" they receive on their Facebook page.  You can help regional food banks without even stepping away from  your computer!  Please consider liking ShopRite's Facebook page and if you're in the area, I have some tips on items to consider stocking up on during the Can Can Sale.

The great thing about canned goods is that they are shelf stable for years and they can enhance your home cooking.  I'm not a fan of canned soups or similar processed foods, but I love using canned beans and some canned fruits and vegetables (especially the low sugar/low sodium varieties) as ingredients in my recipes.  I am taking this opportunity to stock up on the following canned items:

1. Tomatoes (whole, crushed, and diced) - for homemade marinara, chili, salsa, and soup
2. Beans (especially small red, small white, and black) - for chili, dips, and soups
3. Fruits (peaches and cherries) - for cobblers and cake fillings

ShopRite also has specials called "UnCanny Savings" on items that are not sold in cans like laundry detergent, cereal, and refrigerated items during this sale.

If you live in Delaware, ShopRite just opened at new store in Bear, DE in Governor's Square.  It's a huge, modern store with plenty of space for all of the shoppers who will rush through the doors to take advantage of the Can Can Sale over the next two weeks.  If you're in the area, check it out.  If you're in NJ, PA, MD, NY, or CT, there's probably a ShopRite near your home.  My husband and I have shopped there since college and it's our favorite place to spend our paychecks.  :)

Happy shopping (and saving)!

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  1. canned goods may be economical however they contain BPA and who knows how long they have been on that shelf? not good buy organic fresh or organic frozen-cans are not the way to go.


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