Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reader Question: Menu Planning

Happy New Year!  I didn't make any firm resolutions for 2011 because I'm on a continuous improvement schedule and I'm always trying to live better, whether it's January 1st or April 19th.  I believe people change and improve when they are ready and we should all be looking for ways to make our lives better.  (Plus, I'm a food blogger and enthusiastic home cook, so the typical diet resolutions are pretty tough for me!)  Based on discussions with friends and family I know finances are on everyone's minds and this reader question deals with meal planning, which can have a significant impact on your budget.

Q:  I know that you like to plan out your meals for the week. Would you consider sharing those lists with your readers on a weekly basis? Would help make meal planning a bit easier for me to bite off your list.

A:  Absolutely! Now, I'm not perfect and I stray from our meal plan sometimes. I'll start sharing our meal plan and our food budgeting strategies in a series of short posts and you can take whatever tips work for you. Plus, I'd love to have suggestions from readers about what works for them.

I'm starting a new category of blog posts under the "Life" category.  These posts will be tagged as "food budgeting" and I'd like to share tips on grocery shopping, dining out, meal planning, and any other strategies related to keeping our meal expenses under control.  

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  1. Words cannot express how much I need menu planning in my life. I plan everything...except menus. It with more demands on my life, I need to get it together. My mom has been trying to get me to menu plan and prep on Sundays, but I have yet to do it. Bring on the tips.

    How about a start with strategic grocery planning? I need an easy tool like the one Nadette described that tells you which items are in each aisle. No matter how hard I try...I always end up backtracking because I forgot to pick something up in a particular aisle.

  2. One of my posts stuck in draft for the Shop Rite blog is on menu planning. I'm looking forward to comparing notes!


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