Friday, August 27, 2010


My husband fell in love with Phillies baseball this summer.  He's from Baltimore, but he's lived in the Philadelphia area for more than 12 years and this was the summer he decided to love the Phillies.  This means that I can't watch Food Network in high definition on the "good" television, I can't catch up with Season 3 of Mad Men on the "good" television, and we also can't ride in the car during a Phillies game without E tuning into the Major League Baseball channels on XM Radio.  This man is loving the Phillies.

For his 30th birthday I arranged for us to go to two Phillies games.  The first game was last Thursday and the last was this past Tuesday night.  Two games in less than seven days.  The man was in heaven.

Me?  I enjoyed the game.  I even bought a Phillies shirt for the occasion.  It was fun, plus I got to eat lots of junk food.  Unfortunately, our team didn't win either game.

As a matter of fact, the last game we attended went to 16 innings.  That's right, the game ended way past midnight!  Since we had to go to work the following day, we left at the top of the 11th inning.  I know that E wanted to stay, but I had to get my beauty sleep.  Plus, I had eaten way too much junk food from this place:

Am I the only Philadelphia-area person who hadn't had Crabfries from Chickie's & Pete's?  Oh-my-goodness!  The restaurant is a Philadelphia sports bar and their famous crabfries are sold at Citizens Bank Park.  I "discovered" these fries when we attended a minor league baseball game with my coworkers earlier this summer.  One of my coworkers had a bucket of these fries and I was curious, so she let me try one.  They are covered in a seasoning that is similar to Old Bay.  She explained that I had to dip them in the creamy, white cheese sauce (maybe it's American cheese?).  Yes, it sounds overindulgent, but they are so yummy!

So of course we had to stand in line with like 100 other people to get a nice order of hot Crabfries with warm, white melted cheese.  You would think that they would taste really salty with the combination of Old Bay-like seasoning and melted cheese, but it works perfectly.

Are they good for you?  Heck no!  Would I eat them once or twice a year?  Yes!  Especially if my husband splits them with me.  Forget the baseball game, I'll just take the Crabfries.


  1. oh wow. I would love to try those! lol

  2. You are a really good sport. The fries look delicious and I can see how they'd be very tempting. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  3. I'm not a Phillies fan but I am a fan of baseball especially exciting games that go SIXTEEN innings!

    Go Yankees!

  4. lol Joe is a Phillies Maniac! We go to too many games to count during the season!! We will have to catch one together sometime- my fav games are the dollar dog nights (I love ballpark hotdogs!).

  5. @Ingrid, You're a Yankees fan? Nooooo! (smile)

    @Hillary, My husband is dying to get to a dollar dog night. Maybe next season! We'll have to coordinate.

  6. I would so eat those more than twice a year. happily :D


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