Monday, January 4, 2010

Haagen-Dazs Mango Sorbet

I'm a self-proclaimed dessert snob.  I don't waste calories on Tasty Kakes, Snickers bars, or Oreo cookies.  I seldom eat grocery store cakes and I definitely don't eat cookies from the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

But I love ice cream.  Always have, always will.  My mom says she spent many days at Carvel when she was pregnant with me, which explains my love of all frozen desserts, particularly frozen custard.

Unfortunately, everybody has to grow up sometime and when I grew up I learned that I'm kinda lactose intolerant.  I love rich ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery, Carvel, or Rita's, but it doesn't love me back.  I also don't have the metabolism I had in high school, so I needed to cut the lactose and cut the calories.  Enter sorbet.

Sorbet is non-dairy, fat free, and comes in so many yummy fruit flavors.  I've always loved strawberry, but last year I decided to try mango.  Well, it's my new favorite.

While I still prefer my desserts to be made at home from the freshest ingredients, I've gotta give Haagen-Dazs credit.  There's no point in me even slicing up mangoes and busting out the ice cream maker when there's a pint of this stuff waiting for me for about $4 at most grocery stores (yes, it's high, but it's worth it).  The color reminds me of a fresh peach, the texture is super smooth and the flavor is sweet, but a bit tart.  It tastes like a frozen mango.  If I can't get my hands on a fresh mango smoothie from the Vietnamese restaurant around the corner, this is the next best thing.  I know the price is a bit steep, but I get 3-4 servings out of a pint.  When I consider that I pay at least $6 for a restaurant dessert and $4 for a fresh mango smoothie, it seems like a good deal for me.

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  1. I became obsessed with mango sorbet when I was pregnant. I haven't had it much since Kate was born, but it is yummy. I have a recipe for mandarin orange sorbet that we make in the ice cream maker. I'll have to dig it up and pass it along to you.


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