Friday, October 23, 2009

Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer

Back in 2001 I got a holiday gig wrapping gifts at Williams-Sonoma in the local mall.  I love wrapping gifts and I was a college senior looking for a diversion from the stress of applying to grad school in the post-9/11 era.  I ended up working at the store on and off for three years and during that time I acquired a lot of great kitchen equipment, including my beloved Kitchen Aid Artisan stand mixer. 

I've been baking since I was 8 or 9, but our family never had a "real" mixer.  I either mixed by hand or used a electric hand mixer.  By the time I started working at Williams-Sonoma I had perfected my coconut pound cake recipe and my Christmas cookies were legendary.  This mixer took things to a while new level. 

If you like to bake (or even cook) and you haven't invested in one of these, please add it to your wish list.  This baby can cream together butter and sugar to make perfect pound cakes and great cookies.  It can whip up fluffy mashed potatoes or creamy fillings for sweet potato pies.  It can knead dough for bread or pizza.  It does all of this without any of the optional attachments that can be purchased separately. 

Back in August, my Kitchen Aid had a minor mechanical problem.  After nearly 8 years of use, it failed me.  I had to resort to recipes that utilized hand mixing until I could get my life together to send the mixer to the repair shop.  I finally got it in last weekend and $75 later, it's fixed!  I'm picking up my "baby" tonight after work.  To celebrate, I'm making something tasty this weekend for the family.  I'm searching my favorite food and recipe blogs for ideas.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment!  I'm dreaming of cakes and cookies...


  1. I'm dreaming of that sweet potato pie you mentioned. Where's that at?

    I mostly use my cuisinart digital hand mixer but do have a KA mixer.

  2. Ingrid,
    Mmmm... sweet potato pie. Yes, I'll have to post that recipe during the holiday season. The problem is that I do bake it without a real recipe. I'll have to start documenting it!

  3. Kitchen Aid is one of the competitor of Bosch brand.

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