Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Life On A Plate

I originally started blogging in 2005 (see "You Knew This...", my old blog). I stopped blogging in 2007 when I got caught up with work, school, and online social networking (a.k.a. Facebook).

I decided to start blogging again after recently following some excellent blogs. I also realized that social networking sites are a great way to share day-to-day info with people I know, but blogging would be a great way for me to document some of my more creative activities like cooking, baking, gardening, and home improvment.

So, here's My Life On A Plate. It's 2009 and my plate is really full with school, work and family, but I still make time for creative activities, especially cooking. This blog is a place where I'll share my creative side. Enjoy!

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